Clucky Balboa - Super Chicken Arms

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To Save the Universe, of Course! 

If you’ve got a flock of chickens or just one little clucker, then you already know how awesome they are! Every chicken has its own quirky personality, they are a great source of natural fertilizer, and they have this superpower that lets them poop out breakfast! 

Because We LOVE chickens so much - we designed superhero themed Chicken Arms for your pet chickens to strut around superhero style!

Chick-avengers Assemble - Choose Your Hero!

➤ Cluck Kent ( Cape Included) -  May give your chickens incredible strength, flying power, X-ray vision, and super speed. Make your chicken virtually unstoppable.

 Cluckos  (Cape Included) - Watch out! Cluckos can absorb and project vast quantities of cosmic energy,  is capable of telekinesis and telepathy.  Has been known to bring death and destruction from hutch to hutch!

 Chicken Smash - These hulking arms may give your chicken Incredible superhen strength. Warning if your chicken already displays aggro behaviour they may become more powerful as anger increases. 

Product Specifications & Highlights

  • Size - Small (for clucks under 9in tall), Big (for clucks over 9in tall).
  • Material - PLA, 
  • Renewable raw biodegradable material 
  • Handmade: Designed, 3D printed and hand assembled.
  • Well Made: No chickens were harmed in designing these arms
  • Safe for All Chickens - These wires are secure, safe and soft for all chickens of all sizes. 

WAM, BAM, SHAZAM - This is the BEST Gag Gift Ever!

Seen those chicken memes online? You can make your pet chickens go viral too with these unique superhero chicken arms. Will your chickens become superheroes or supervillains? Is the chicken run on the verge of destruction at the hand of Cluckos, or will Chicken Smash save the day? We can’t wait to see what transpires - in your very own marvelous chicken comic come to life! 

Time to Let Those Mother Cluckers Rule the Roost!